who is in Sydney this evening??


If it’s you-the reader- please go to the Sapore Restaurant in the Italian plaza- Norton St Leichhardt-for the 2nd print launch of Broken Rhythms.Author Rosamund Dallow-moi! and emerging writer Katherine Delaney will discuss the thorny path of producing a book,

Author with historian-

Author with historian-NZ

the audience is welcome to join in-there’ll be a reading & book signing- & for $10 entry you get a glass of wine & Italian nibbles- so- do I see you there? The more the merrier-(that’s possibly yet another Bill Shakespeare quote- can’t get away from him-)

Bastille Day-le Quatorze Juillet 1789


Vive La France! but I didn’t always feel that way.I think that many Kiwis remember the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in a New Zealand harbour-an act of terrorism against a sovereign country,and an ally that lost many of its men to the terrible war zones in France – an act that caused the loss of a man’s life-and the subsequent humiliating terms NZ was forced to accept.Long ago, I know- but the shadow remains.
But- the sun is shining, & I will probably sing the French national anthem tonight-What a great tune!

A busy week-


working to get the 2nd print of my book ready, with a talk event Tuesday week-seeing good friends-

and feeling deeply for the poor souls on the seas looking for  sanctuary. What have we become, in this mighty country?