Turkish Pide wine and an involved audience-


Last Sunday’s event at Gleebooks was all of the                          above.Two great guests, as MC and interviewer,                          some feisty questions from the audience,                                      “Broken Rhythms”  found new readers- and I                                  was happy. Now, I can get back to my                                                            neglected thriller.

I have the title-main characters-setting-the plot                             taking shape, and now perhaps also time to think,                         and  use some of the possible ways I posted earlier,                     on how  to get the story on the page.Definitely time                                       for more 3 am inspiration.

Gleebooks event Sunday Nov.9th-



Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Pt Rd Sydney,for-

Rosamund Dallow, author of “Broken Rhythms,” will be
In conversation with Irina Dunn, Director of The Australian Writers Network,
and Greens MP Dr John Kaye.

This will be fun-we’ll be discussing love, life, the whole damned thing-how the book came to be written-

the social conditions of a tumultuous era-and their effect on the characters.

Audience questions can be asked, with a glass of wine in one hand,and  a Turkish pide in the other.

This free event is 3,30 for 4, at-Gleebooks-49 Glebe Point Road, Sydney-

we look forward to seeing you there!

RSVP to ph 02 9660 2333 or email- events@ gleebooks.com.au or book online.


The books I wish I had written-


War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy-when I re read it, I measure my human growth by what I now fully understand.

Catch 22-Joseph Heller’s masterpiece.Brilliant, zany, a tour de force- and a stunning indictment of war and warmongers.
Persuasion, Jane Austen-the sensitive, nuanced relationship between the central characters-the cramping social obligations which damage, but can’t destroy, true feelings.
Gorky Park,Martin Cruz Smith-which introduced me to 6 thrillers starring the only honest man in the former Soviet system-Arkady Renko, indomitable- inflexibly honest-inventively smart- a rare being.
Through Western Eyes- Joseph Conrad-what a writer! Depth upon depth of insight into a doomed regime.

A few favourites- I’d love to hear from others,image002 do share “books which matter to you-“

bee friendly


Here’s a special guest on this page- a busy girl, doing what she and her sisters do best.Do bee friendly when you see her.

I’m sitting in the glorious sunshine,watching all the winged beauties-hoverflies, native bees (Tetragonnula Carbonaria) go on, try to say it quickly, it helps if you clap it-they;re sociable,  delightful little things- dragonflies-soldier flies-honey bees- and the lurking spiders, with the sun sparkling on their webs. Fish are jumpin’ in the little pond- aaah, peace.

Useful(?) writing tips


How I begin- its called the plunge – in technique.

1. When you are woken by an amazing idea  early in the morning that demands that you sneak out of your warm bed  into the dark, cold house, and scribble till dawn-.just write write and write- that’s the new book/story calling  its mummy.

2..ASAP-in daylight-  read the pages, ignore the typos-feel the glow in your belly-Eureka! This is how IT begins.

3.Exert all your strength to avoid fiddling with your 3am inspiration-let’s call it the nucleus.

4.Close eyes tightly- call on the Muse- flex your eager  fingers-and write the next exciting bit.

There’s more- watch this space-






So busy-


So busy- promoting the book-& doing some research for the sequel- a B/D coming up too fast-where did all those years go? But- how lucky have I been-loving friends- a family of great diversity- unique hometown-2 beautiful birth &; adult life countries-




ROSAMUND DALLOW was born in Napier, New Zealand. Her career has spanned many fields, including ballet, as dancer, teacher, lecturer, broadcaster and writer. She has studied flamenco in Spain, trained as an actor and performed in theatre, and on radio and TV. She taught English and small business in the newly independent East Timor, and sang with the choir for the opening of the Sydney Olympics. Rosamund is widely travelled, is passionate about the environment, loves history and speaking other languages, snorkels whenever possible, and is currently working on a sequel to Broken Rhythms.


Broken Rhythms is an absolutely riveting read, beautifully constructed, compulsively fascinating and a real page turner. I love the characterisation, the fascinating settings and the absorbing subject matter. I have recommended it to all my friends.— Mal Fisher, Writer

Broken Rhythms is a fast-paced and emotionally charged read. Through the compelling emotional lives of its characters, the novel provides a unique insight into the social and political history of New Zealand in the 20th Century.

— Lucy T Smith , Botanical artist


Broken Rhythms is a powerful saga covering seven decades of history.
The characters move between the fault lines of self and the land beneath as they search for fulfilment.
Beth, beautiful and ambitious, Jeffrey the Australian, who follows her back to New Zealand and wins his prize, Laura, their daughter, who rebels at the path laid out for her, Louis, the poet with too many secrets, and Mick, his destructive friend, all cross paths on their personal journeys.
Through their stories weaves the scarred Beryl, hiding her heart’s tragedy until she meets Wiremu, a man of his Maori tribe. His serenity and grace help her to right a great wrong.
All live through turbulent times in an unpredictable environment, experiencing the impacts of two world wars, a major earthquake, and post-war social upheaval.


Broken Rhythms can be ordered from Rosamund’s website www.Rosamund-Dallow.com.au
The cost is AUD25-plus postage.
In Australia, it is available from Gleebooks , 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney NSW
www.gbd.com.au/bookstore ph 02 9660 2333
and Abbey’s Bookshop, 131 York St Sydney NSW (opposite the Queen Victoria Building.)
email-books@abbeys.com.au Ph 02 9264 3111 For Ph Contact outside Sydney- call 1800 4 books
It is also available as an e-book from www.smashwords.com/ books/view/461206